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best ukulele tuner app featured image from Orchestra Central

Best Ukulele Tuner Apps: Tune Using Your Smartphone

How often have you gotten to a rehearsal, gig, or jam, only to find you forgot your clip-ons (tuners)? If you've already...
Famous pianists featured image from Orchestra Central

18 Famous Pianists (And Their Most Celebrated Pieces)

There are dozens of pianists out there, but these most famous pianists stand out because of their piano playing prowess and compositions...
Yamaha P71 Review

Yamaha P71 Review 2022: A Great 88-Key Digital Piano

Yamaha P-series keyboards are some of the most popular digital pianos on the market. The Yamaha P71 is a powerful Amazon-exclusive keyboard that delivers...
Steinway Ipo

Steinway Files for IPO

On April 14, 2022, the Astoria, NY-based piano maker Steinway & Sons (commonly just called Steinway) filed for IPO by filing their...
Most unusual instruments featured image from Orchestra Central

The Unusual Instruments You Didn’t Know Existed

Forget the tuba, guitar, piano, and bass. They are no match to these odd-looking, most unusual musical instruments. Some may look like...
Orchestra Central's best gifts for guitar players featured image.

Gifts for Guitar Players: What Every Guitar Player Needs

Not sure what to get your favorite aspiring guitarist? It can feel a bit intimidating when browsing gifts for guitar players. Do...
best tenor ukuleles

Best Tenor Ukuleles: 2022 Review

Tenor ukuleles are particularly noted for their classic and vibrant sound making them great instruments for advanced or professional ukulele players. Tenor ukuleles has...
Best Piano Dollies & Trolleys

Best Piano Dollies & Trolleys 2022

Transferring your piano can be a daunting task, considering the fact that it is a pretty heavy instrument. You would need more than yourself...

Top 10 Best Ukulele Picks 2022

A ukulele pick is one ukulele accessory that is not always needed, but necessary when the song calls for it. You should still have...
featured image of Orchestra Central 4 string vs 5 string bass article

4 String vs 5 String Bass: Which Bass to Choose?

4 string and 5 string bass may look very similar, but these two offer a different playing experience that may or may...

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15 Most Expensive Violins in the World

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