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There are a number of ukulele accessories that you can buy to improve your playing experience, sound quality, and enjoyment. Some are necessary to play the ukulele properly and comfortably, while others are more just for fun (see pickups and transducers below). We cover the various ukulele accessories below, which include: the case, picks, strings, and capos. Make sure that you don’t forget ukulele accessories when you get your new ukulele!

Required Ukulele Accessories

The following accessories are required to learn and play successfully. You should purchase these as quickly as possible after acquiring a new ukulele.

Ukulele Picks

While picks are not required for a lot of ukulele songs, they are necessary for some ukulele songs and definitely help when your fingers are feeling tired. You should get a ukulele pick to keep on hand just in case a song calls for it.

felt ukulele pickSee Our Recommended Ukulele Picks

The Case

Ukuleles are easy to break so you need to have a padded ukulele case to protect it. Ukulele cases typically come in two styles: gig bags or solid cases. Most cases will offer at least one compartment for accessories and some extra pockets for music, etc. Beginner ukulele outfits generally come with a case, but if you want a better or sturdier case, you can explore our recommended ukulele case options.

ukulele case and bagSee Our Recommended Ukulele Cases

Ukulele Strap

You want to get a ukulele strap in order to be more comfortable while playing ukulele. It gives you a way to hold you ukulele when you are resting and playing. There are a lot of options on teh market so read our guide linked below to find the best one for you.


ukulele strap
See Ukulele Capos on Amazon


Like ukulele picks above, not every song calls for a capo, but it is necessary to play some songs. A capo allows you to block off all notes on all strings on a particular fret. Depending on what key you’re playing in, a capo makes it easier to play all of the notes instead of constantly moving your hand around. It will also prevent you from having to tune your instrument higher for certain songs. It is definitely a ukulele accessory that you’ll want to keep on hand.


ukulele capo
See Ukulele Capos on Amazon


While there are many great tuner apps available for smartphones, nothing beats a good old fashioned physical tuner and metronome combo.

See Ukulele Tuners

Extra Strings

Ukulele strings have a tendency to break at the wrong time, such as during a concert. You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you don’t have an extra set of ukulele strings on-hand. We highly recommend the Thomastik Dominant ukulele string brand in our review of the best ukulele strings, but feel free to test out several sets of strings before choosing the right set for you.

See Ukulele Strings

Optional Ukulele Accessories

The following accessories are optional accessories that are either fun to have or good in general to have stored away for when needed.

Ukulele Stand

Aafter a performance or a gig, you have to place your ukulele in a safe place to support it. It could be placed inside a bag or a case, but if you want it close by, you may want to place your instrument on a ukulele stand. Ukulele stands come in all sorts of designs and features depending on the brand.

ukulele standSee Recommended Ukulele Stands

Pickup or Transducer

A pickup or a transducer is not a required accessory for playing, but it is a fun accessory that you can use to make your ukulele sound like an electric ukulele. Just clip or stick it on your ukulele and get ready to rock out!

See Recommended Pickups and Transducers

Ukulele Amp

A ukulele amp goes with a transducer or pickup above. You plug your transducer in to the amp using an amp cable and then rock out!
Vox VT20PLUS Amplifier - Best Electric Ukulele Amps

See Recommended Ukulele Amps

Ukulele Polish

If you want your ukulele to look beautiful, you should consider getting some ukulele polish and a polishing clothe. Frequent polishing will make your ukulele look as good as new.

Buy Ukulele Polish


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